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Christina Montesano has over fourteen years of banking experience with a number of financial institutions and has been primarily focused on mortgages for the past seven years. She provides a personalized service in order to meet each of her clients’ needs and expectations.

Situated 30 km east of Montreal, Mont-Saint-Hilaire is an isolated hill, 414 m (1,358 ft) in height. The area surrounding the Mont-Saint-Hilaire mountain is a biosphere reserve, as one of the last remnants of the primeval forests of the Saint-Lawrence valley. Most of the Mont-Saint-Hilaire mountain is currently the property of McGill University, as the Gault Nature Reserve, which is considered the third McGill campus.

If you’re looking for a Mortgage Broker or Mortgage Services in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, look no further than Christina Montesano Mortgage Broker. We have a history of serving the city and its surrounding areas and deal with a variety of different lenders and institutions that are prepared to provide mortgages for all your home financing needs.

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