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If you’re ready to take a leap into homeownership but are mindful of acquiring a mortgage, then you’re not alone. The process of obtaining a mortgage by making the right application discourages many from buying their dream home. However, enlisting the services of a mortgage broker to assist you in your mortgage application can definitely make the homebuying journey easier and smoother.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a mortgage broker, you need to put in a sufficient amount of research to find someone that matches your expectations. You also need to go through reviews you find online and speak to people who’ve worked with them. 

As a Mortgage Broker, I am confident about the services I provide and will not shy away from giving you references. Besides, I will be happy to tell you why I am the top name in the mortgage sector.

I have been in the mortgage industry for the past ten years and have numerous happy clients. If you’re looking for a mortgage broker in Montreal, QC, here are a few reasons why I believe you should pick me over the rest of my competition.

I am experienced
I have been in the mortgage industry for over ten years. My experience and knowledge allow me to stay on top of the mortgage and real estate markets, giving me an edge over my competitors.

I work for my clients
I am motivated to get every file approved because I want to help people reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. I understand my clients’ needs and finances before working on their application, which helps me give them expert advice.

I am knowledgeable
Before becoming a mortgage broker, I worked at charter banks and financial institutions for fourteen years. My expertise and knowledge of finances help me stay ahead of other brokers.

I have a team of experts
I work with in-house underwriters who have worked at banks or housing insurance companies. This allows me to process my clients’ files quickly and smoothly. My team and I strive to complete every application successfully. 

I am affiliated with Orbis Mortgage Group
Orbis Mortgage Group has more tools and resources than charter banks do alone. Using those tools and resources in my network, I ensure that my clients have several mortgage options to choose from.

As a leading mortgage broker in Montreal, QC, I ensure to exceed expectations by always putting my clients first. With fourteen years of banking experience and seven years of mortgage experience, I have assisted over 1500 clients in fulfilling their mortgage expectations. I have access to over thirty-five banks and lending alternatives, and I can offer you the most competitive rates in the market according to your needs and finances. My dedication to my clients and my commitment to excellence allows me to deliver value to my mortgage consumers. My services are available to clients across LaSalle, Montreal, Dorval, Boucherville, Repentigny, Brossard, Terrebonne, Laval, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, and Longueuil, QC.

To learn more about the services I offer, please click here. If you have any questions about Christina Montesano, a mortgage broker with Orbis Mortgage Groupget in touch with me by clicking here.  


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